Der Staat hat jegliche Glaubwürdigkeit verloren | Jouwatch


Deutsche Staatsorgane verfolgen GEZ-Verweigerer und Falschparker unnachgiebig bis in die letzte Instanz, aber Terroristen und Mörder werden weder eingesperrt,

Quelle: Der Staat hat jegliche Glaubwürdigkeit verloren | Jouwatch

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Cuck-o-licks Celebrate White Genocide

News For The Blind

History abounds with examples of duplicitous jewish liars, scam artists, and con men. The rich jewish heritage of fraudsters immediately brings to mind the likes of Bernie Madoff, Scott Rothstein, Lou Pearlman, and the eponymous founder of the pyramid scheme Charles Ponzi. The exploits of these kosher criminals, even when considered together, pale in comparison to the most destructive jewish swindle ever perpetrated: Christianity. The semitic depredations of Jewsus and Saul (pseudonymous Paul) have far exceeded the dollar amounts of the more recent rip-off artists from their tribe. In fact, they have done more than any other jewish lie to advance the insane talmudic plan for the genocide of the White race and the creation of a miscegenated, degenerate, moronic brown-skinned slave caste who exist solely to be exploited by g*d’s chosen people.

Trust us, we’re jews!

In the California failed state, the Cuck-o-lick variety of the semitic mind…

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The Transgender Agenda – Normalising Madness

News For The Blind

A frank discussion on the transgender agenda – a drive to normalise what is in fact a mental illness known as gender identity disorder, a disorder where an individual cannot reconcile their perceptions with reality. However those pushing the transgender agenda do not want to acknowledge the mental issues faced by those suffering from gender identity disorder, but instead want the rest of society to alter their behaviour in order to pander to a delusional minority.

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Locals Claim this Building was Earmarked by Adolf Hitler as a British HQ

News For The Blind

Old residents claim Hitler ordered Art Deco block of flats to be spared from his Blitz bombing raids on London as he wanted to use it as his UK HQ.

A block of iconic Art Deco flats was saved from bombing during the Blitz after Hitler requested it be used as part of his British HQ, according to a new website.

Du Cane Court, in Balham, south London, survived unscathed from the Luftwaffes bombing offensive against Britain in 1940 and 1941 despite surrounding buildings in the capital suffering obliteration.

The remarkable survival has prompted claims that the block, rumoured to have been a „hotbed of spies, was earmarked by Hitler ahead of his intended victory,“ the website says, citing research from historian Gregory Vincent.
Meanwhile, others say German Luftwaffe aircraft maintained the building so they could use it as a navigational landmark to help them determine their route home.

A historic…

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First Islamic McDonalds Opens in Berlin

News For The Blind

Behind the Anhalter Bahnhof lies Askanische Platz. Here, 69 per cent of the residents have a migration background, the highest share in the whole city.

(Blitz Kurrier)

For the operator Özgemir Gano (32) is not a problem. He likes his neighborhood: „I love the multicultural atmosphere,“ he says. „My friends are Moroccans, Filipinos, Afghans and Germans. We understand each other well. This has made us tolerant of the inhabitants.“

„Of course we will take all pork products from the range in consultation with the parent company. Beef and poultry dishes are extended to 3-4 products. For example, for the“ Salam Burger „with couscous and goat cheese or the“ McDürüm „in kebab style.“ Said Gano. „In addition, we slaughter ourselves in our own slaughterhouse, of course according to the Islamic tradition. All the food here is halal, that is what our customers expect and that is what we guarantee,“…

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Smart Devices Are Snitching On Owners And Rewriting The Criminal Justice System

News For The Blind
By Nicholas West

A new type of court case is slowly but steadily emerging within the American legal system: alleged crimes being detected from data supplied by smart devices.

Several cases over the last few years have focused on data transmitted within the modern smart home, while a couple of others add an extra dimension of police completely reconstructing a crime scene based upon data collected from the home as well as the various Internet-connected devices that we wear.

The very nature of the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution appears to be at stake.

In December of last year an Arkansas murder case made headlines not so much for the death itself, but how a suspect was brought into custody. James Bates hosted a party at his Bentonville home on the night of November 21st, 2015. At some point during the event a man drowned in…

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Freund von vergewaltigter Studentin: Im Netz beschimpft, von der Polizei gelobt – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Troja einst

Selten, aber ab und an werden die von Gutmenschen per Teddys herbeigerufenen „Flüchtlinge“ vor Gericht gestellt. Die Polizei lobt die Opfer, dass sie wie es sich für Alt-Deutsche geziemt, willig und Wange streichelnd brav gegenüber Neu-Deutschen verhalten haben.

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