Huge Mystery! Strange Hidden Stones of the Moon Found In Peru-How Did They Get Here and Why? Fallen Angel-Nephilim Bloodline Moon Ceremonies? Sun Dial? (Stunning Up Close, On Site Video Footage and Photos)

Monday, March 9, 2015

stones of the moon

This is not a place that many foreign visitors ever see, but is very mysterious, as no one really knows who carved the massive hard stone into a precise U shape. Could it be a ritual place for moon ceremonies? Or a sun dial? Check it out for yourself…and join us and see it for yourself. —Brien Foerester

The Mysterious “Stones of The Moon” In Peru

Many things remain a mystery when it comes to ancient cultures and civilizations—elongated skulls that did not originate from head binding, strange skulls that do not conform to any human skull ever seen, megalithic structures that even today would be next to impossible to transport, and more.

Enigmatic Baby Skull In Peru: Is It Human?

Will any of these mysteries ever be solved? Are these strange yet fascinating structures found all over the earth evidence of a more intelligent species, such as the nephilim (fallen angels) spoken of in the Bible?

stones of the moon 2