Locals Claim this Building was Earmarked by Adolf Hitler as a British HQ

News For The Blind

Old residents claim Hitler ordered Art Deco block of flats to be spared from his Blitz bombing raids on London as he wanted to use it as his UK HQ.

A block of iconic Art Deco flats was saved from bombing during the Blitz after Hitler requested it be used as part of his British HQ, according to a new website.

Du Cane Court, in Balham, south London, survived unscathed from the Luftwaffes bombing offensive against Britain in 1940 and 1941 despite surrounding buildings in the capital suffering obliteration.

The remarkable survival has prompted claims that the block, rumoured to have been a „hotbed of spies, was earmarked by Hitler ahead of his intended victory,“ the website says, citing research from historian Gregory Vincent.
Meanwhile, others say German Luftwaffe aircraft maintained the building so they could use it as a navigational landmark to help them determine their route home.

A historic…

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