Angela Merkel Betrays The German People

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De Chalon

I’m a German, and would like to make known, that very many of us Germans no longer wish to have Merkel as our leader. We have lost all our trust in her.
Jessica Drury
I’m sorry, but it may be to late for Germany, you have brought in way TOO MANY muslim’s .   They will destroy your culture, and Germany will just be a name on a map…
Jas A
And they want to bring this shit to Australia! This is a prime example of how feminism and socialism destroys nations.
Dragonice Lakeoffire
Germans can do nothing until they get rid of Hate Speech Laws and Holocaust Denial Laws. Young Germans have been spoon fed German guilt for WWII and the killings of Jews.Jews and white liberals in Germany have opened the floodgates into Germany, and now Jews are fleeing to Israel.
There’s a typo…

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