New German Laws Create Speedier Deportation — Surveillance of asylum-seekers increased — Cellphones and computers can be monitored — Germany will deport a record number of people in 2017

Peace and Freedom

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoorMerkel’s cabinet approves faster migrant deportations — Charities issued a joint statement criticizing the government’s new package
The German cabinet has passed a slew of measures aimed at streamlining the deportation process. The phones of asylum-seekers will be searched, while rejected people will likely be kept in custody longer.

De Maiziere: Those without right to asylum should leave

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet on Wednesday approved a package of measures that will accelerate the deportation of rejected asylum-seekers while making it easier for security forces to track those awaiting a decision on their application for asylum.

The new 15-point plan will allow security forces to check the cellphone data of new arrivals, while those who have been rejected may be kept in custody for up to 10 days to prevent them from absconding (current rules limit this period to four days). Rules on surveillance of asylum-seekers will also be…

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