Our enemies don’t need to have spies here in U.S. because they’ve got Wolf Blitzer on CNN to tell them most of what they want to know!

Lantern Timeglass Journal

To be fair about it, it’s not just CNN and not just Wolf Blitzer. Most of the mainstream news media is more than delighted, kind of like drooling wolves, to reveal all of our military plans, secrets, and weaknesses to our enemies, who are paying attention. No need to send in a spy. Just turn on the TV to CNN, FNC, or MSNBC, as well as a variety of news sources via Internet to find out what they want to know. This is one of the things Trump has complained about and promises to put a stop to – if it can be stopped. I agree with the need for secrecy. We don’t need to „advertise“ our military plans like the Obama Administration has done.

To be fair about it, it’s not just the news media. It’s their sources in the government and military revealing to them what should be…

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